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Himachal Wildlife Tour Packages are niche wildlife vacation packages, wildlife safari tours, bird watching expeditions and nature walks in the protected territories, coupled with luxurious and comfortable accommodations in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.  Peppered with spectral and admirably wooded mountains, snow desserts, dense, green forests in its ambits, Himachal sheathes a bevy of rare & exotic plant and animal life. The state harbors 2 Nation Parks and 33 wildlife sanctuaries that boards over 70 species of mammals, 4 varieties of reptiles and more than 460 species of native and migratory birds. Himachal Tours Himachal Wildlife Tours explore the treasure chest of Himachal Pradesh’s altitudinous protected reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries accompanied by our team of trained and professional tour guides. Pin Valley National Park, The Great Himalayan National Park, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Simbalbara Sanctuary, Churdhar Sanctuary, Daranghati Sanctuary, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, Majathal Sanctuary, Chail Sanctuary, Manali Sanctuary, Manali Nature Park, Kufri Nature Park are some of the premium destinations to clap eyes on the wild side of Himachal Pradesh. 
Exciting safari rides, a day or two in the wilderness, night camping in a jungle resort, untouched nature your Himachal Wildlife tour has everything by a dull moment. To avail the best deals on hotels and wildlife tours, Go through Himachal Tours theme based Himachal Wildlife Tour Packages or design your own tour itinerary and we promise to make your wilderness experience a memorable one. 

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