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Himachal Pradesh identified as "Dev Bhumi" (literally meaning abode of Gods and Goddesses). An abode to spirituality and a saga of rivers with rich flora and fauna, the surreal beauty of Himachal Pradesh is dotted with snow-capped mountains, everlasting green meadows decorated with array of pine and deodar trees mostly, this Indian state is a must visit when in India. Home to one of the most picturesque National parks-The Great Himalayan National Park, and several important temples such as Hidimba Temple, Jakhu Temple, Jwalamukhi Temple, etc. architectural heritage like Viceregal Lodge, Naggar Palace, Padam Palace, Kangra Fort, etc. to several natural wonders such as hot and cold water geysers in Manikaran, Rohtang Pass, etc. Himachal Pradesh has too much to offer to a tourist. An adventure seeker can indulge in activities such as white-water rafting, parasailing, skiing, trekking, camping etc. For pilgrim enthusiasts, from temples like Chintpurni Mata temple to Dalai Lama’s residence and temple and many more Sikh temples and mosques- the options are countless. The easy accessibility to various parts of this state from Delhi, Punjab via road, train or flight keep the inflow of tourists ongoing throughout the year. The state enjoys pleasant summers and chilly winters, and most of the transport modes are always open, thus not creating any deprivation in comforts of hospitality. Need more reasons to visit this peaceful, hospitable and wondrous state, check out our sample tours here. Himachal Pradesh given you the opportunities to visit own around the year, Now Himachal Pradesh is known as “A Wonderful Destination for All Seasons and All Travel Reasons”. 

How to Reach Himchal Pradesh?
By Air: The major and nearest airport is the Chandigarh airport which is a distance of 113 km away from the Shimla. It is well connected with all major cities of India.

By Train: The nearest major railway Station is Kalka, which is located at the distance of about 89kms from Shimla. The Kalka railway station is well connected with all major cities of India.Shimla has a small railway station and no major trains ply here, however it connected to Kalka by a toy train, which is also a tourist attraction. 

By Road: Himachal Pradesh is well connected with all the major cities of India. You can hire taxis as well as state buses to reach the hill station from these cities.

Tradition and Culture of Himachal Pradesh:
Himachal Pradesh is a perfect mix of traditional and modern values. It has a rich cultural and traditional heritage. People of Himachal Pradesh are from various tribes and races and do not follow any particular religion. They follow their traditional culture with a modern outlook. Himachal Pradesh is rich in its art and culture. One can see a blend of Hinduism and Buddhism over here. The beauty of Himachal Pradesh lies in its simplicity with its decent culture. The most commonly spoken languages in Himachal Pradesh are Hindi, Pahari, Kangri, Bilaspuri and Kinnauri, the major language spoken here is Hindi, but people speak their own local pahadi language. The tribal music of Himachal Pradesh is very famous, and the instruments used are Ektara, Jhanjh, Manjira and Chimta. Himchal Pradesh is popular with some of the dance forms like Dulshol, Dharveshi, Drodi, Dev Naritya, Rakshas Nritya, Dangi, Lasa, Nati and Nagas are danced all over the region.

Fairs and Festivals of Himachal Pradesh:
The fairs and festivals in Himachal Pradesh is a mirror of the lifestyle of the people of HimachalPradesh. These fairs and festivals attract a large number of visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Some of the major fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh are.

  • Baisakhi :This fair is held at various places in the state. People carry village deity with music procession from one place to another. In upper hills, people perform 'Mala Dance' by joining hands to form a large circle. During day time, some games like archery and wrestling are also played.
  • Minjar Fair ( Chamba ) :This festival is held in the month of August on second Sunday. It continues for a week. Minjar ( maize flowers) festival is celebrated in district Chamba at a place 'Chowgan' in Chambatown.Maize flowers, a coconut, a rupee or a smaller coin, a fruit and a few paddy tentacles are offered to Varuna, the god of rain. It is a state fair. It is difficult to say, when the fair first started, but the present form of the fair is attributed to Raja Sahil Verman, who ruled the state in the 10th century A.D.
  • Naina Devi Fair :This fair is held in the month of August, at Naina Devi Temple, in district Blaspur, which is 8 km. from the Gangul Power House. This is the most delightful fair in district Bilaspur.
  • KulluDushehra :KulluDushehra mirrors Himachal culture in its entirely.. It clearly shows the lefestyle, love of dance and music of the people in this region. To see the colorful Himachal at one place, KulluDushehra is the right place. Although Dushehra is celebrated all over the country, but in Kullu, it has its own distinctive glamour. This is a state fair.People from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh throng to enjoy KulluDushehra.
  • LaviFair :This fair is held in the month of October or November every at Rampur Bushahr. In ancient, Tibet and Kinnaur had good trade relations and Lavi fair is the outcome of business interest of both sides. People from other areas in general and tribal belt in particular participate in this fair with horses, mules, pashminas, colts, yaks, chilgoza, namdas, pattis, woollens, raw semi-finished wool and other dry fruits produced in the state are brought for selling. It is three hundred years old fair and also a state fair.4 During day time, hectic trade activities are witnessed all over the town. At night, folks dances and music around small bonfires are organised. It continues for three days.
  • Chrewal: It is also known as Prithvi pooja in some places. It is celebrated on the Ist of Bhadon - middle of August. This continues for full one month. The farmers do not yoke oxen during this month. In Kullu, this festival is known as Badranjo. In Chamba, it is called Pathroru. It is a festival of flowers here. This is an occasion of great celebration, particularly for girls who dance on this day.
  • Renuka Fair :This fair is celebrated in the month of November for six days in district Sirmaur. It starts ten days after the famous Diwali festival. The legend goes that Parshuram, the youngest son of mother Renuka, used to visit his mother every year. The fair commemorates the annual meeting of Parshuram and Renuka. Parshuram is believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. One can see the glimpses of hill culture at the fair. Rural people market their produce of walnuts, dried and wet ginger ect. Folk dances, magic show, Kariyala play, thoda dance, wrestling bouts, fire works, police and homeguard's band display, developmental exhibitions, cinema shows and bhajan-kirtan are other attractions of the week long fair. It is a state fair.
  • ShivratriFair :This fair is held in the month of February on Shivratri day in Mandi. Shiva is the chief deity of Himachal Pradesh. This festival is given the greatest importance even in temples all through Himachal Pradesh. This fair continues for a week, with great fun and frolic.On this occasion people bring hundreds of Gods and Goddesses in their Raths. Devotees carry them on shoulders amidst melodious religious songs. People pay their homage to Lord Shiva at famous temple of Bhut Nath in Mandi town. It is a state fair.
  •  Holi Fair :It is held in the month of March every year. Especially the Holi Mela of Sujanpur in district Hamirpur is very famous. It is the festival of colors. People all over Himachal come to participate in it. A week long fair provides wholesome entertainment through various games, songs, dances, folk dramas and skits performed by local artists/ Business activities are also in full swing throughout the week.
  • ChintpurniFair :It is locally known as Mata-Da-Mela ( fair of mother goddess ). It is held in the village Chintpurni near Bharwain( a hill station on Hoshiarpur-Kangra road in Una district ). According to one legend a certain Mai Das had the first darshan of the Mother goddess who appeared to him as a girl and asked him to perform the Pooja (worship) of the Pindi (idol) of the mother. Henceforth generation after generation, the mother has promised to ward off the worldly worries and anxieties of those worshipping her. On the 8th day during Navratras the offering of Karahi ( sweet halwa prasad ) and Chhattar are made by the devotees.
  • The NalwariFair :This fair is held in the month of march every year. The idea of this fair was conceived by W. Goldstein. He was the Superintendent of Shimla Hill States in 1889. The idea was motivated by a shortage of the good breed cattle, especiaaly bullocks. Now this fair has become more a business opportunity event. It is a state fair.
  • SissuFair :Sissu is a common fair celebrated all over the Buddhist Himalayas. Its main attraction is always a masked dance but because of a part of monastic rituals, it is always staged inside the monastery on the attached courtyard. The fair is celebrated on different dates at different places. At Sissur Gompa it is held in June, at Gemur Gompa in July and at Mani Gompa of Gondhla in August.
  • Lohri :In some areas, it is also known as Maghi or Saza. It is celebrated on the Ist of Magh - mid January. People celebrate it more as a continuation of the season of festivals. After finishing agricultural activities, they feast and celebrate and avail themselves of the time to meet their relatives. This festival continues for 8 days. On 8th day, people make get together and show social solidarity. Dance and music goes on for the whole night.
  • BharmaurJatraFair :It is held in district Chamba in the month of August. There is a very colorful crowd in this fair.
  • ChhitrariJatraFair :It is held in district Chamba in the month of September. It is a very famous one day fair and a large number of prople gather in this fair from near and far.
  • Sui Fair :It is held in Chamba town in the month of April. This fair is exclusively for women. There is a temple of Naina Devi where women gather and worship the Devi. Naina was the queen of Raja Sahil Verman. This temple has been constructed at a place where she had sacrificed herself to bring water to Chamba town.
  • Tara Devi Fair:Durga Devi's temple of Taradevi is located on the ridge of mountain about 8 km. away from Shimla town. The fair is held here on Ashtami in NavratrasosAsawin - September or October. This is called Durga Ashtami. A lot of tourists do visit it for its scenic beauty and worship of the famous mother goddess.
  • JwalamukhiFair :The Jwalamukhi fair is held twice a year during Navratras for worship of Durga goddess. It is the most imporatant fair in the Kangra valley. People come with red silken flags (dhwaja) to greet the Mother Goddess. The fair is attributed to the worship of that Eternal Flame which is coming out of earth spontaneously and perpetually.
  • Dal Fair:It is held on the bank of lake Dal, in the month of August in district Kangra at Dharamshala. This area is also ideal for a day picnic.
  • Nalwari Fair:It is held in district Kullu at Manali in the month of May. It is a very famous fair and a large number of prople gather in this fair from near and far.
  • Dungri Fair:It is held in district Kullu at Manali in the month of May.
  • SarshiJatra Fair:In district Kullu, at place Naggar in the month of May.
  • Banjar Fair:In district Kullu in the month of Mat and June.
  • Markanda Fair:In district Bilaspur at place Markanda in the month of April.
  • SolanFair :Solan fair is held in the last week of June for three days. This fair is celebrated even before the present Solan town was founded in honour of the goddess 'Shulini' whose temple is situated in the nearby village named Solan Gaon. It attracts traders, sweetsellers, general merchants and other shopkeepers to make brisk business. The highlight of this fair are dancing, singing and wrestling.
  • Sari Fair:It is held in district Solan at town 'Arki in the month of July. This fair is famous for bull fighting.
  • Buffalo Fair :In district Shimla at village Kufri near Mashobra in the month of September.
  • SipiFair :In district Shimla near Mashobra in the month of May.
  • JatarRohruFair :In district Shimla at Rohru town in the month os April.
  • RampuriJatar :In district Shimla at village Rampuri near Jubbal town in the month of July.
  • ThalogFair :This fair is held in the honour of DevtaRahatna whose temples are located at Thalog and Jabna. It is held at the end of Baishkha, in PrganaJakholi of Chopal. It is 13 km. away from Chamba. The game archery, numerous sweet shops and Jhula are the main attractions like other fairs.
  • TrilokpurFair :In district Sirmaur at village Trilokpur near Nahan town, in the month of September.
  • Phul Yatra Fair :Phul Yatra fair is held in Pangi at Killar in 'Asoj' every year. It denotes the start of a closing season in this snow bound valley. Offerings are made to local goddess, in whose honour it is celebrated. The tribal people enjoy, dance, sing and drink in gay mood forgetting everything else for the time being. In Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti some annuar fairs are held which have left deep impression on the community life of the tribals. One of the main features of these fairs is folk dance. Mask dance and lion dance are also very famous.
  • SayarFair :It is a famous fair observed in the month of September at a number of places such as Bakloh in Kangra, Karsog in Mandi, and Subathu in Shimla.

Must Visiting Places In Himachal Pradesh:
Himachal Pradesh has begun to attract tourists from all parts of the world with its natural beauty, lakes, temples, Snowcapped mountains and its vibrant culture of Hindu and Buddhism.  Himachal Tours offers you the must Visiting places of Himachal Pradesh: 

Christ Church: Christ Church is one ofthe oldest church of north India, which was constructed in the neo-Gothic style in 1857. Colonel Dumbleton donated the clock on the church in 1860. It is one of the most impotent attraction of Shimla and very well maintained and remains in good condition, however, The Clock no longer functions due to entropy.

Jakhu Temple: Jakhu Temple is one of the major attractions of Shimla, which is located at about 7kms from the town, lies at an altitude of 2455 meters above the sea levelon the top of the Jakhu hill. The temple is devoted to lord Hanuman. 
Himalayan Nature Park:Located in Kufriat the distance of about 16kms from Shimla, Himalayan Nature Park is one of the most popular attraction of this region. Founded in 1992, it is known for its ski slopes is a natural habitat of rich flora and fauna.

Kufri: Located at the distance of13 km from Shimla at a height of 8,600 ft, Kufri is a small hill station in Shimla district. It is renowned for the local winter sports center.

Tattapani: Located at the distance of about 51kms from Shimla, Tattapani is renowned for its sulphur springs which are found near the Tatapani Mandir, which is one of the holiest temple of this region.

Fagu: Situated at the distance about 37kms from Chail, Fagu is the perfect tourist destination for those who want to spend some time on the lap of nature.  This beautiful and peaceful town offers the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Chail: Chail is a small town located 45 km from Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh. It is known for its famous Chail Palace which was built by Maharaja of Patiala during British rule for his help and support of Britishers during the Anglo-Nepalese War which lasted from 1814-1816.

Chamunda Devi Temple: Chamunda Devi Temple is one of the major shrines of this region. The temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Chamunda Devi. The temple was founded in 1762 by Raja Umed Singh. The temple is surrounded by lush green valley and widespread Himalayan Mountains, which gives an amazing experience.

RakchhamChitkul Wildlife Sanctuary: RakchhamChitkul Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular attraction of this region, which is situated at an elevation of 3200 to 5486m above sea level. It is home to the diverse variety of flora and fauna. There are a large number of the diverse species such as the blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, musk deer and goral are found here. Rakchham and Chhitkul are separated with a distance of approximately 15 km from each other.

Kalpa: Situated at the distance of about 61.2kms from Chitkul, Kalpa is a small town located on the banks of Sutlaj River in Kinnaur district. This beautiful town is located at elevation of 2960 meters, it is renowned for its apple orchards and are a major cash crop for the region.

Sangla Valley: Situated about 22kms away from Chitkul, Sangla Valley is most scenic town in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful town is located on the banks of river Bapsa at an elevation of around 8900 ft above sea level. The valley is surrounded by streams, snowcapped mountains and lush green landscapes.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated at about 9kms from Dalhousie, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular attraction of this region. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 1962 hectares and surrounded with thick foliage of deodar trees. It is a home of wide range of animals and birds such as Himalayan Black Marten, Jackal, Langur, Serow, Barking Goral etc. 

Khajjiar: Situated at the distance of about 21kms from Dalhousie is one of the most beautiful and small town of Himachal. The town is known for its lush green meadows surrounded by thick deodar trees. The major attraction of the town is Khajjiar lake, ground and Khajji Nag Temple etc.

McLeod Ganj: McLeod Ganj is one of the renowned tourist attractions of Dharamshala. Located on suburb of the town. It is the official residence of 14th Dalai Lama.
Dal Lake: It is one of the most beautiful attraction of Dharamshala, which is amidst the lush green Deodhar forest. The lake is situated at an elevation of 1,775 meter above the sea level and located about 11kms from Dhramshala. This lake is an ideal base camp for trekkers coming from McLeodganj.

Delicious and Traditional cuisine of Himachal Pradesh :-
Himachal Pradesh is a massive destination from snow-clad mountains to lush green valleys, here you feel freshness in the air and tranquility in the environment, these are few things that describe about Himachal at its best but apart from these specialty, Himachal Pradesh is popular with its variety of cuisines, most of surprised cuisines are belonging to its regional traditional delicious dish. 

Madra is traditional famous dish at Chamba and Kangra: 
Madra is one of the best dishes, mainly involves of the soaked chickpeas (chana) or vegetables. Cooked well in the oil and various spices such as cloves, coriander powder, cardamoms, cinnamon, cumin and turmeric powder enhance the taste of this cuisines. that represents the traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. Every restaurant, every occasion, and the festival will have Madra offered to you with utmost love.

Dhaam is traditional famous dish at Manali and Chamba:
Dhaam is a complete nutrients dish, mainly consists dal, rajma, rice, curd, boor ki Kadi and is very well complemented with gur (jaggery). 

Tudkiya Bhath is traditional famous dish at Chamba
Tudkiya Bhath is a traditional pulao of Himachal that Pahadi and Parbati people cook in their own style. The dish is not only cooked with Indian spices but an extra add up to the potatoes, lentils and yoghurt along with tomatoes, onion, cinnamon, garlic, cardamom provides this cuisine such an incredible taste that will make you want it again and again. For make the best taste of Tudkiya Bath is complemented with mash lentils and few drops of lemon juice. 

Bhey or Spicy Lotus stems is traditional famous dish at All over Himachal 
Bhey or Spicy Lotus stems is popular dish of all over Himachal Pradesh and rich with great source of Vitamin C, that is fondly eaten in the households of the Pahadi and Parbati people. Bhey is a very tasty dish which is prepared with the lotus stems. Thinly sliced lotus stems are then cooked in the gram flour, ginger, garlic, onion sunflower oil and gram flour which adds the unique and great taste to the dish. 

Chha Gosht is traditional famous dish at Chamba
If you are lover of non-vegetarian dish, than Chha Gosht is a dish that is made with seasoned lamb meat, this dish prepared with the marinated lamb which is further cooked in the gravy of gram flour and yogurt.The taste of this dish is highly enhanced when it is well cooked in the Indian spices such as cardamom, red chili powder, coriander powder, bay leaf, asafoetida and ginger-garlic paste.

Siddu is traditional famous dish at All over Himachal 
Siddu a " Pahadi and Parbati famous dish" is one of the most loved dishes in HimachalPradesh mostly in Mandi, Kullu, Manali, Rohru and Shimla. It prepared from wheat flour, the preparation of Sidu is difficult and long time-consuming, but for the taste that it renders, every minute of preparation is worth it. The wheat flour is kept for 4-5 hours for the yeast to settle down. Later, the dough is filled with fat and put on the direct flame to get the half-cooked dough. This partly cooked dough is then steamed to keep the taste and nutrients of the ingredients intact. Sidu dish you can get easily at local restaurants of Himachal Pradesh to give tourists a flavor of Himachali cuisine.

Babru is traditional famous dish at Shimla 
Babru black gram stuffed kachoris or puris is traditional famous dish at Shimla, it is unique twist to popular Kachoris of North India. Babru is a flat bread which is prepared with the stuffing of black gram, whole wheat flour, black urad dal, dough, sunflower oil powder pastes which is added to the kneaded dough. The crisp and the scrumptious taste that this dish has to offer will make you forget the conventional Kachoris of North India. Babru is best enjoyed with Tamarind chutney and it also complements the famous Chana Madra of Himachal cuisine.

Aktori is traditional famous dish at Lahaul- Spiti
Aktori is a rich nutritious festive cuisine which is very much enjoyed by the people of Himachal Pradesh during their festival time. Aktori is prepared in the form of a cake or pancake made with the buckwheat leaves which is further cooked in the wheat flour. Although, the dish originates in Spiti Valley, but it is frequently prepared and fondly eaten all over Himachal Pradesh.

Kullu Trout fish is traditional famous dish at Kullu 
Kullu trout is a traditional Pahadi and Parbati people dish that originates from the hilly state of Himachal. Kullu Trout is a type of non-vegetarian fish recipe, preparing which is easy and hassle-free. Fried fish prepared in minimal spices to retain the natural taste of fish, the marinated fish is cooked in the minimal spices to keep the nutrients and the original taste with numbers of boiled vegetables. This dish will surely leave you wanting more and more with each bite. This will help you devour flavors straight from the mountains

Mittha is traditional famous dish at All over Himachal 
Mittha is the sweet traditional famous dish of Himachal, prepared on special occasions. It has sweetened rice mixed with dry fruits and raisins.


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