Chitkul Village

Best time to visit:- April to October

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Backpacking, Temple, Wildlife,Mountains, Trekking and Nature

Description :

Chitkul is the last inhabited village, where Indianroads reach and is a small village in Kinnaur district located near Indo-Tibetanborder. During winters the place is covered with heavy snow and is located onthe banks of the crystal clear Baspa Rive, which is a tributary of Sutlej. Chitkulis famous for Rakcham Chitkul Sanctuary which is located at a height of 5000meters and falls in between Sangla Valley and Chitkul. The Sanctuary is spreadover an area of 34 kms, and is home to Leopard, Blue Sheep, Goral, Musk Deer,Himalayan and Black Bear. Some other famous places in Chitkul are KagyupaTemple which hosts an idol of Shakyamuni Buddha, and Mathi Temple, dedicated to goddess Shri Mathi. Apart from these, according to a recent study by the Centre of atmosphericSciences at IIT Delhi, Chitkul area has the cleanest air in India. Chikul offers the widest range of customizable Chitkul Tour Packages Including Chitkul Villagetour, Spiritual Tour along with the both easy and difficult trekking routes activities.

Weather Details :

Summer:   10°C to 20°C
Winter:   -13°C to 5°C
Monsoon:   3°C to 13°C

Main Attractions :

Baspa River

The Baspa River is one of the major tourist attraction poitnt of Chitkul. The river rises near the Indo-Tibetan border and forms the Baspa Valley which is also popular as the Sangla Valley. It issurrounded by lush green pine and oak forest, which offers the breathtaking view the amazing nature in the form of apple orchards, streams, snow-capped mountains etc. Baspa River is also popular for its large variety of fishes, hence fishing is another major charm of this place. 

The Kagyupa Temple

The Kagyupa Temple is one of the most popular buddhist religious place of this region, which has a highly valued old image of the Shakyamuni Buddha, a Wheel of Life mandala and four Directional Kings on either side of the door. Chitkul is practically the last point of the Kinner Kailash Parikrama as one can hitch a hike from here onwards.

Rakchham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary

Rakchham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular attraction of this region between Sangla Valley and Chitkul, which is situated at an elevation of 3200 to 5486m above sea level. It is home to the diverse variety of flora and fauna. There are a large number of the diverse species such as the blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, musk deer and goral are found here. Rakchham and Chhitkul are separated with a distance of approximately 15 km from each other.

Maathi Temple Chitkul

Maathi Templeis Chitkul is one of the oldest temple and major attraction of this picturesque village, which is also known as Mati Devi Temple. It is dedicated to local goddessof local people of Kinnaur, “Mathi Devi”. Three temples are located in the same temple complex among which the oldest one is said to be built by a resident of Garhwal around five hundred years ago.

Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort is situated about 24 kms from Chitkul, Kamru Fort is the oldest Fort in Himachal Pradesh and built by a king of the Bushahr dynasty, It is located at the height of 2600 m above sea level. It has various gates with a picture of Lord Buddha at the main gate of the fort. It is surrounded by breath-taking snow clad mountains, lush green fruit orchards and thick forests of deodar trees.

Roghi Village

Roghi Village is located at the distance of about 47.5kms from Chitkul, Roghi Village is one of the most beautiful village of the region. While visiting this village gives you an amazing experience to understand the culture and traditions of this region along with splendid scenic beauty. The town is also known for the apple orchards, enjoy the nature walk through the enchanting surroundings. 


Kalpa is situated at the distance of about 61.2kms from Chitkul, Kalpa is a small town located on the banks of Sutlaj River in Kinnaur district. This beautiful town is located at elevation of 2960 meters and village has full across the apple gardens, village people main business is apple cultivation it is renowned for its apple orchards and are a major cash crop for the region.

Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley is situated about 22 kms away from Chitkul, SanglaValley is most scenic town in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful town is located on the banks of river Bapsa at an elevation of around 8900 ft above sea level. The valley is surrounded by streams, snowcapped mountains and lush green landscapes.

Rakchham Village

Rakchham Village is located at the distance about 15kms away from Chitkul, Rakchham Village is one of the most beautiful of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful village is situated along the bank of River Baspa. 

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How to Reach Chitkul Village
  • By Air:-The Chitkul nearest airport is the Chandigarh airport which is a distance of 372.5km away from Chitkul. It is well connected with all major cities of India.
  • By Train:-The nearest major railway Station is Kalka, which is located at the distance of about 347.4kms from Chitkul. The Kalka railway station is well connected with all major cities of India.Another small railway station is Shimla, which is located at 261.9kms from Chitkul via Sangla through Charang Pass. Shimla is connected through toy train from Kalka. 
  • By Road:-Chitkul is well connected with all major cities of Himachal Pradesh via Charang Pass.


  • Local Market


Places to Worship:

  • Chitkul Maathi Temple
  • The Kagyupa Temple

Places of Entertainment:

Chitkul is a small village, hence there is no Malls and multiplex are available here.