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10 Amazing Treks to enjoy in Himachal Pradesh

By Ankita

10 Amazing Treks to enjoy in Himachal Pradesh-
The Himalayas, the world's tallest and youngest mountain range, guard the Indian state of Himachal, which is home to a multitude of thrilling treks. The treks in Himachal cater to the needs and moods of all hikers by providing every aspect of excitement and thrill. These hikes take you through meandering streams, glistening rivers, and thick forests of birch, deodar, pine and silver. The mountains of Himachal Pradesh are the best location in India for those who enjoy adventure. From May to October, whenever you have free time, check out the following list of Himachal Pradesh's top 10 treks, which include sidewalks along waterfalls, summits, and valleys.

1.    Hampta Pass: The Hampta Pass is known for its stunning scenery and diverse terrains that never disappoint. At Chandratal Lake, take in the postcard-like scenery, brave the bone-chilling experience of a stream crossing, take an afternoon nap among the stunning wildflowers, and find solitude. Hampta Pass teaches you how to cross a waterfall, how to walk over snow bridges, and how to face the challenges of descending a slick mountain. Hampta Pass is a well-rounded trek that takes you through a variety of habitats, from woodland to meadows to snow, as well as mountain hazards such as rugged terrain and high altitude challenges. Hampta Pass is important for a variety of reasons.

2.    Triund Trek: One of the best known and fairly easy trek trails, here you will see the enchanting beauty of Dharamshala, small hamlets, the fascinating charm of the Dhauladhar range, and a stream. Allow your eyes to be pampered as you take in the breathtaking view from the roof. As we continue our journey, look out for unusual flora and fauna. Even, under the enchanting night sky with billions of stars, enjoy a small bonfire with your friends and fellow trekkers.

3.    Bhrigu Lake Trek: If you're new to trekking in Himachal Pradesh, the Bhrigu Lake Trek is an excellent place to start. Bhrigu Trek is the only trek that will take you to the fascinating peak in just two days. You should also be aware that this location was once home to Bhrigu Maharishi, and visitors consider themselves fortunate to have arrived there. Make sure you can trek the steep trails and aren't afraid of them before you go. Aside from that, you should visit Bhrigu Lake before June because it begins to freeze in the middle of the month.

4.    Kheerganga Trek: Kheerganga Trek is one of Himachal's most serene and peaceful trekking destinations, located at the end of the beautiful Parvati valley and renowned for its scenic features and mythological significance. Kheerganga, with its small bathing pool, enchanting hot water spring, and age-old Shiva temple, attracts millions of eager trekkers in search of spirituality and inner peace every year.  The trekkers will pass through charming villages, picturesque waterfalls, and mighty snow-capped mountains on their way to the shimmering Kheerganga river. The serpent-shaped waterfall in Rudra Nag is one of the most unique views among the trek's spellbinding scenic sights.

5.    Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek: Admire the breathtaking views of Deo Tibba (6,001 metres), Indrasan Peak (6,220 metres), and Indrakila Peak (4,940 metres), as well as the Jagatsukh glaciers and the mini Chandratal lake. Deo Tibba not only has a beautiful view of some of Himachal Pradesh's most prominent peaks, but it also has a rich flora and fauna. Deo Tibba is brimming with medicinal herbs that have been known to treat fevers, stomachaches, and even smelly feet. It is a successful trek for beginners as well as seasoned hikers due to the moderate gradient and ease of access. It's no surprise that it's one of Himachal's most beautiful treks.

6.    Kareri Lake Trek: This three-day, two-night trek begins with your arrival in Dharamkot, Mcleodganj, and continues with a short trek to Kareri Village. After spending the night here, you'll continue your journey up to Kareri Lake. This trek will take you across a wide range of terrains, from straight roads to river crossings over wooden bridges. Spend some time photographing the breathtaking scenery as you approach the pool. You can book a taxi from here or Ghera to return to Mcleodganj.

7.    Indrahar Pass Trek: Indrahar Pass trek is one of the most popular Himachal Pradesh tourism destinations among the trekking routes from Dharamshala. It starts in the Kangra Valley and leads to the Ravi River Basin, passing through the fascinating Dhauladhar ranges along the way. The trail, which includes snow bridges, snaky mountain streams, and lush deodar trees, is what you'll enjoy the most.

8.    Pin Parvati Trek: The Pin Parvati trek, which stretches for around 110 kilometres, is one of Himachal's longest. This pass, which connects the Spiti and Kullu valleys, winds its way through snowy vistas, boulders, and undulating meadows. This place, which is located at a high altitude, is almost completely engulfed in frozen snow during the year. The lush green patches, dense alpine woods, colourful wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, and lush green patches are the most appealing aspects of this hike. The arid Spiti Valley on one side and the lush pine vegetation on the other are another striking feature of the dramatic Pin Parvati Trek.

9.    Friendship Peak Trek: The Himalayas, Pir Panjal, and Himachal Pradesh's Dhauladhar Range can all be seen from Friendship Peak. Friendship Peak is a high-altitude hike that requires no technical training or mountaineering experience and reaches a height of 17,352 feet. It does, however, necessitate a high level of physical endurance. You can see a lot of snow and have stunning views of peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indra Asan, and Deo Tibba during these 8 days of trekking.

10.    Prashar Lake Trek: The Prashar Lake Trek is regarded as one of Himachal Pradesh's most important treks. The giant Dhauladhar Ranges surround the clear blue water lake in Kullu Valley, and it is often kept a secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh for some reason. If you're going on a trek to Prashar Lake, you'll pass through beautiful forests and cross many small streams. At the very same time, the main temple of Prashar Rishi, which has a lot of significant smart architecture carved on the temple walls, is a major beautiful attraction near the lake. The style of the wall surprisingly blends in with the scenery surrounding the lake, which is why it is a popular tourist attraction and well-known location in the region.