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Top 12 things to make your visit to Kasol a memorable one

By Ankita

Top 12 things to make your visit to Kasol a memorable one - 
Kasol, a small town with great opportunities, is nestled in the beautiful Parvati valley with the Himalayan ranges looming all around it. In Kasol, nature shines brightly, creating a valley awash in heart-warming hues: blue and white clouds, shifting rivers and brooks, green pastures dotted with multi-hued tents, stark brown trees with red and yellow leaves, and more. The many things to do in Kasol allow you to enjoy the best that the landscape has to offer while also allowing you to build lifelong memories.

1.    Kheerganga Trek: The Kheerganga trek is without a doubt the most adventurous activity in Kasol. You will pass through emerald green hills on your way to the end of the 9-kilometer trek. You'll be followed by magical clouds playing in between pine and apple trees once you reach the peak of the Kheer Ganga. The snow-capped mountains here produce a mesmerising environment in which you can cherish for a lifetime. At the end, there is a Lord Shiva temple where you can take a bath in hot springs. Many hippies from all over the world call Kheerganga home.

2.    Visit Manikaran Sahib: Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara located about 6 kilometres outside of Kasol. One of the best things to do is to go to Manikaran Sahib. The hot springs, which are located near the Gurudwara, are said to wash away all sins, according to the locals. The Gurudwara is currently undergoing renovations, but it is a must-see for anyone visiting Kasol.

3.    Treat your tastebuds: Apart from being a hippie retreat, Kasol is also a hidden gem when it comes to great food. Young Israelis flock to Kasol, which is nestled in the wilderness in a remote corner of the country. As a result, the term Mini Israel was coined. The influence can be seen in the Hebrew-inscribed signboards and the abundance of Israeli food. When in Kasol, don't look for something fancy. Excellent food is served at streetside cafes. The view of the vast hills and dark green forests just enhances your dining experience. For a taste of Israeli cuisine, try the ‘Turquoise Kasol' and ‘The Evergreen.'

4.    Stroll along the Parvati River: Unlike the Beas River, which is roaring and ruthless, the Parvati River offers a mesmerising view of the beautiful Parvati Valley and the surrounding forests on both sides, with pine trees towering high above. During the monsoon season, the waters here form a steep gradient from which the water gushes rapidly, forming rapids that would send any enthusiastic rafter and water sports enthusiast running after their kayak or rafts. To get to another side of the river, you must cross an old wooden old wooden bridge, which is a thrilling experience in and of itself. Relax and take in the sights of Himachal Pradesh's majestic freshwater pride while relaxing on one of the high boulders along the river's edge.

5.    Witness the beauty of Rasol: Rasol is a magical village nestled in the Himalayan Parvati Valley. Rasol, located near Kasol at 10,000 feet above sea level, is a beautiful spot with spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayas. Rasol is an easy yet exhausting trek from Kasol (around 2-4 hours), spanning between two and four hours. It is close to the popular Malana village and Kasol. Chalal is the start point for your exhilarating trek to Rasol.

6.    Explore Tosh: Tosh is well-known as a traditional village that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Tosh, which is adorned with cannabis plantations, offers breathtaking views of hills adorned with Himalayan foliage. What Tosh actually does is provide you with an authentic Himachal Pradesh cultural experience. Tosh is known for stunning homes as well as some of the most famous cafes.

7.    Did someone say shopping? Kasol is a fantastic shopping destination. When the shopping bug strikes, Kasol's markets, especially the one in Bhuntar, are great places to visit. T-shirts, woollens, aromatic oils and sheets, rugs, carpets, and much more are available from Kasol to add to your pile.

8.    Experience the traditions in Malana: Malana is known for its unique culture and the Jamlu Devta temple. The residents of this sleepy hamlet live in seclusion. They believe they are descended from Aryans, and that contact with non-Aryans would jeopardise the purity of their race. Visitors to Malana are forbidden from touching their walls, to the point that they must wash their walls with buffalo blood if a tourist happens to touch them. They have their own government and do not consider themselves to be under the Indian government's control. Most people believe it's just a front for a burgeoning cannabis industry. Having said that, Malana is a stunningly beautiful village. Since the locals assume they are descended from Alexander the Great's lineage, it is sometimes referred to as 'Little Greece.'

9.    Holy and Medicinal dip in hot water springs: Manikaran is a small town in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district, close to Bhuntar and Kasol, that is home to natural hot springs that are sacred to Sikh and Hindu beliefs. Manikaran is situated on the Parvati River and is home to many Sikh and Hindu pilgrimage sites. The hot springs are used for a variety of purposes in this region. Pilgrims prepare rice as an offering to the gods in the hotter springs and bathe in the cooler pools, believing the water to be sacred. A bath and a visit here are undoubtedly two of the most enjoyable activities available. The water here is believed to be rich in sulphur and other minerals hence, acts as a treatment or aid to one in skin diseases.

10.    Pin Parvati Pass Trek: It is an incredible Trans Himalayan trek that will leave you spellbound by its beauty as well as gushing with adrenaline from the challenges it presents. The thrill it provides is almost unending, with a fascinating track of approximately 110 kilometres. The Pin Parvati Pass Trekking trail is not well-defined, and it becomes even worse during the monsoon season. Even for a qualified trekker, the trail through the dense forests of Great Himalayan National Park presents a significant challenge. The Pin Parvati Pass trek is exhilarating enough to make it one of the most sought after Himalayan Pass treks at high altitudes, regardless of how many difficulties it poses.

11.    Hype Music Festival: Attending the Hype Music Festival, which is perfect for all music lovers, is another tempting activity to do in Kasol. This festival, which attracts a large number of visitors each year, features music from both international and local DJs. The Hype music festival is a one-night celebration with a barbeque, camping, flea markets, and a wide variety of local foods to sample.

12.    Try Rice Beer: The rice beer, which is a popular addition to the world by Kasol, is a must-try when you're here because of the awesome experience, delicious taste, and lack of alcohol content. It is one of the most enjoyable activities in Kasol. It's also known as 'Chang,' and it's well worth a look.